The Order of Knights of Pythias is an international non-sectarian fraternal order, founded in 1864, and was the first such organization to be chartered by an act of Congress.

The order of the Knights of Pythias

Benjamin N. Cardozo Lodge #163/157

Fair Lawn, New Jersey





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Fair Lawn National Night Out  August 2, 2022

Shindig  July 30, 2022

Chancellor Commander/Officers Cotillion   June 26, 2022

2022 Fair Lawn/Glen Rock Relay for Life

2022 Memorial Day Parade


Fair Lawn All Sports Knights of Pythias   April 2022

Installation November 2021 Chancellor Commander Robert Starr
CC Robert Starr & Sandy Starr

2021-2022 Officers

2021 Chancellor Commander/Officers Cotillion
MC Sir Marvin Diner & Chancellor Commander Harvey Weber                                   CC Harvey with VC Bob Starr

Memorial Day Parade  2021

 Memorial Park  Get Together  May 16, 2021

Club Fun  December 18, 2019

Cardozo Award  November 20, 2019
Michael Fernandez  CC Harvey Weber

Halloween Dance  October 26, 2019



Eagle Scout Presentation  November 16, 2019
VC Bob Starr  Eagle Scout Michael Maniscalco

 Hand of Friendship  September 8, 2019

Annual Cardozo Family Picnic August 11, 2019

New Jersey Jackals Tailgate Party & Game  June 29, 2019

CC Dan Winston Officers Cotillion  Brownstone Caterers June 9, 2019

Radburn Street Fair  June 9, 2019

Relay for Life/ACS  June 1, 2019


Memorial Day Parade  May 27, 2019

Cystic Fibrosis Volunteers  May 22, 2019

Autism Speaks May 18, 2019

Fair Lawn Food Bank  March, 15, 2019

New Knights  February 20, 2019

Valentines Dance  February 9, 2019


Kids Tackle Cancer Donation  December 20, 2018

Robert Starr &  Kevin Rudd (son-in-law of Artie Premselaar)

Club Fun  December 19, 2018

Center for Food Action  December 19, 2019

Nicole Davis, Larry Metzger, GC Matt Silverman, Sir Jeff Zerowin

2018/2019 CC/Officers Installation  November 7, 2018

PGC Barry Winston, CC Daniel Winston, Sonia Winston

Halloween Dance  w/ Pythian Sisters  October 20, 2018



Hand of Friendship  Saddle Brook  September 16, 2018


CC Dave Weiner Officers Cotillion  Brownstone Caterers  July 1, 2018

Dory Birnbaum & Liz Gelstein                                                     Ira Schiowitz & Ted Fischer

Marvin Diner, CC Dave Weiner, Jerry Weiner

Relay For Life  Dobrow Field  June 9, 2018

Circus  Memorial Field   June 3, 2018

Memorial Day Parade   May 29, 2018

Autism Speaks  May 19, 2018

Eagle Scout Presentation  April14, 2018

MA Robert Starr

Food Bank  April 2018

Larry Metzger

25 Year Pins  April 4, 2018

CC David Weiner, David Shulman, Michael Seligman, Brian Konikoff, Les Weiss (not pictured, Ian Setless)

Club Fun  December 20, 2017

Fair Lawn Food Bank   December 18, 2017


New Knights  September 27, 2017

L. to R. Back Row: Josh Reinitz, Marc Zharnest, Gary Stern
             Front Row: Rich Tester, Carl Ford, Mitch Light

Annual Family Picnic  July 23, 2017

Salt Water Fishing Trip  Atlantic Highlands NJ  July 31, 2017

                                            Group                                                                                                Bruce Rein holding a "keeper"

CC Dan Winston Officers Cotillion  Brownstone Caterers June 9, 2019

Memorial Day Parade  May 29, 2017


Honors Night   November 2, 2016

Cardozo Family Picnic   August 21, 2016

Citizen of the Year   June 15, 2016

Bob Starr, Marv Wisch, Sir Marvin Diner, David Judovin         Dr. Marvin Wisch & Sen. Bob Gordon

 Autism Speaks Walk  MetLife Stadium  May 28, 2016

Matt Silverman, Sir Barry Winston, Harvey Weber

Chancellor Commander's Afternoon Dance  April 10, 2016

Fair Lawn Council w/Proclamation  Chancellor Commander Doug Charipper            with Sir Marvin Diner

Class of 2015 New Knights  December 16, 2015

Center for Food Action Donation  December 16, 2015

PC Larry Metzger, Jennifer Johnson, Santa Claus (Patrick McCarthy)

Hand of Friendship September 20, 2015
Bike-a-Thon  September 20, 2015

Honors Night   August  19, 2015

Sandra, daughter of Karen & Doug Charipper               Nicole, granddaughter of Phil & Sandy Wiesenfeld


Cardozo Family Picnic   August  9, 2015



New Jersey Jackals Tailgate/Baseball  July 17, 2015




Cystic Fibrosis Collections May 2015

Joseph Bernath                                     Joseph & Stuart Bernath

Chancellor Commander's Dinner Dance March 29, 2015

CC Ian Setless at the Brownstone Caterers, Paterson NJ

Club Fun  December 17, 2014


Eva's Village Non Perishables Donation  December 12, 2014

Sir Marvin Diner

Toys for Tots Donation  December 12, 2014

Phil Lebowitz

Class of 2014 New Knights  December 3, 2014

Knight of the Golden Spur  November 5, 2014

Sir Jerry Weiner                                    PC Brian Konikoff, Sir Jerry Weiner, Sir Marvin Diner

Installation Chancellor Commander & Officers  November 5, 2014

CC Ian Setless, GS Sir Dave Bellask, SP Sir Joel Fierstein

Hand of Friendship  September 7, 2014

Pehle/Bergen County Park  Saddle Brook NJ

KoP Grand Lodge Hall of Fame David Judovin  September 3, 2014

PGC Sir Marvin Diner, CC Brian Konikoff,           Daughter Adina Judovin & David Judovin
PDGC David Judovin


Cardozo Pythians of the Year  September 3, 2014  

Jon Taner & CC Brian Konikoff                                 Harvey Weber & CC Brian Konikoff

Guest Speaker 'Monuments Man' PC Harry Ettlinger  September 3, 2014

CC Brian Konikoff, PC Harry Ettlinger, GC Mel Feldschneider

Cardozo Family Picnic  August 3, 2014

click for video



  click for video

Fair Lawn Street Fair  June 8, 2014

VC Ian Setless & CC Brian Konikoff     video

Past Chancellors  May 29, 2014

Back Row: Bob Schlegel, Gordon Breslove, Matt Silverman, Ian Setless
Sir Marvin Diner, David Judovin, Ira Schiowitz, David Shulman, Howard Baker
Middle Row: Larry Metzger, Sir Bill Tobenkin, Sir Barry Winston,
Sir Saul Rochman, Gerry Greenblatt, Marty Solomon
Front Row: Brian Konikoff, Bruce Rein, Les Weiss, Doug Charipper

Fair Lawn Memorial Day Parade  May 26, 2014

CERT Program  May 21, 2014 Castle Hall

CC Brian Konikoff, Bergen County Detective Gidget Petry, PC Sir Barry Winston

Joe Meer receiving award from Fair Lawn Council  April 28, 2014


Chancellor Commander/Officers Cotillion  April 6, 2014

CC Brian Konikoff
The Brownstone Catering Hall  Paterson NJ

Sir Marty Birnbaum Memorial Program  April 2, 2014



Bike A Thon Charities Presentation  Fair Lawn Rec Center February 19, 2014

Sir Barry Winston

150th Anniversary Knights of Pythias   Fair Lawn Library   February 21, 2014

Larry Metzger, Sir Barry Winston, Marty Etler


Class of 2013 New Knights  January 29, 2014

Back Row: Dan Dunay, Larry Greenberg,                      John J Hallanan
Alex Aksanov,
Michael Aversa, Brent Pohlman, 
David Gluck, Steve Goldstein
Front Row: Howard Schlesinger, Justin Weiner,
(Sanford Schor member), Randy Schwartz, Bob Starr


Club Fun  December  2013

Club Fun Helpers: Jon Taner, Sir Marvin Diner, Lisa Rochman Mechanick


Veterans Honors Night  December 4, 2013

      Ira Eckstein                      Joe Meer                       Fred Levine
click on each name to see their video        click on Fred for part 1 and Levine for part 2


Annual Autumn Ringwood Hunger Walk

Jason Okin, upper left

Bike-A-Thon  September 8, 2013

Hand of Friendship  September 8, 2013

Cardozo Family Picnic  August 18, 2013

   The Radburn Girls                 Cardozo Lodge             The Reserve Girls

       Howie & Saul                     Dave & Marvin                      Lou & Irv

                Holly                               Bev & Joe                           PB Winners

BBQ Meeting  July 17, 2013

Friends of the Library of Fair Lawn - Presentation  July 17, 2013

JoAnn Cardillo & CC Bruce Rein

Fair Lawn Memorial Day Parade  May 27, 2013

Chancellor Commander/Officers Cotillion  May 26, 2013




Bike A Thon Charities Presentation  March 6, 2013

Pythian Founder's Week  February 20, 2013

Harvey Weber (click for video)


Class of 2013 New Knights  February 6, 2013


Knight of the Golden Spur  November 21, 2012

Sir Barry Winston

Cardozo Pythian of the Year  October 17, 2012

CC Larry Metzger presents PC David Judovin with award


GOG  Barry Winston Homecoming  October 3, 2012


Bike A Thon September 9, 2012



Bob Singer receives medal from Bergen County for military service  August 6, 2012

NJ Senate & Attorney General citation presented by Tim Eustace, Connie Wagner and State Sen. Bob Gordon

NJ Jackals Yogi Berra Stadium  August 5, 2012

     Jackals vs. Bears                    Brian                                     Stan & Rick

              Elliott                             Marty & Morris                       Ian & Dave

              Murry                                     Doug                              Cotton Candy

Cardozo Family Picnic July  22, 2012

Anna, Marvin & David            Glenn & Jon                       Irv & Charlie

Simon Says MC, Ted          Group Simon Says                Bob & Lew

           Bob & Al                              Brian & Ira                         Ivan and friend
    Marty & Dory                           Ian & Joyce                                 Larry
Fair Lawn Memorial Park, Fair Lawn NJ


Chancellor Commander/Officers' Cotillion  April 22, 2012


Holocast Survivor Stories  March 21, 2012

John Heller & Arie Greenbaum
(click on names for video)

Bike A Thon Charities Presentation  February 15, 2012


Fair Lawn Recreational Center, New Jersey

Class of 2012 New Knights  February 15, 2012

Top Row: Glenn Mechanick, Michael Gottesman, Jeffrey Klein, Alan Silver, Kurt Peluso
Bottom Row: Steven Wielkotz, Morris Platsky, Harvey Weber, Eric Hirsch

Ealgle Scout Presentation  November 6, 2011

VC Bruce Rein and Scout Zachary Feinberg

November 2, 2011

PGC presents Knight of the Golden Spur to Sir Jeff Zerowin

Pythian of the Year  November 2, 2011

Chancellor Commander Sir Saul Rochman presents Gordon Breslove with award

Cardozo Street Fair  October 23, 2011

Marty Sparaga and Membership Chairman Joel Jaffe
Fair Lawn, NJ

GC Steven Byer Homecoming  October 5, 2011

Grand Chancellor Steve Byer   Master of Ceremonies Brian Konikoff

Cardozo Family Picnic September 11, 2011

Sir Marvin Diner                    Cardozo Families               Sir Marty Birnbaum
& David Weiner                     Saddle Brook, NJ

Center for Food Action September 8, 2011

Barry Winston and Bob Singer
Fair Lawn, NJ

GVC Steve Byer at NJ Jackals Game  August  13, 2011

Incoming Grand Chancellor throwing the 'First Pitch'
at the KoP night at Yogi Berra Stadium, Montclair NJ

Dan Feigan Humanitarian Scholarship  2011

L to R: PGC & CC Sir Saul Rochman,
Nicole Milstein, Chairman PGC Sir Marvin Diner

Public Speaking 2011

L to R: CC Saul Rochman, Levi Rybalov,
Dharmin Shah, Chairman Jason Okin

60th Anniversary/Officers Cotillion April 10, 2011

Go to Benjamin N Cardozo Facebook Page
for complete Photo Album

New Knights 3 in 1 Rank March 2011

Front row:Chris Wright, Chip Bianchi,
Ivan Wei, Steven Posansky
Back Row: Nathan Katz, acting CC Steve Byer,
Stuart Bernath, Brian Nagle, Jon Taner

3 in 1 Rank Team March 2011

Barry Winston, Benny, Gerry Greenblatt

Coats for Kids & Adults 2010

Pat Della Mura of US Customs, Sir Marty Birnbaum
and David Judovin in Newark, NJ

honors Night 2010


Cystic Fibrosis Collections

Gordon Breslove, Joe Tedeschi, Ari Greenbaum, Steve Weinstein

Public Speaking 2010


Dan feigan humanitarian scholarship  2010

Jaime Spokony             Jonathan Seligman

Hand of Friendship 2010


Paramus Veterans' Hospital 2009


Club Fun 2009

Public Speaking 2009


GC Harvey Hamerling Homecoming

(Thanks to Wayne Bardowell for the pictures!)

Bike-a-thon 2008


Annual Circus 2008


2008 Life Achievement Award

Dave and Selma Shaw (click on name for video)

GC Sir Martin Birnbaum Homecoming


Bike-a-thon and Picnic 2007


Annual Circus 2007


Cystic Fibrosis Certificate Presentations 2007


25 and 50 year Presentations 2007


Memorial Day Parade 2007 Fair Lawn, NJ


Hand of Friendship 2007


Club Fun 2006

Club Fun
invited guests

Patrick McCarthy
as Santa

Jeff Zerowin


Citizen of the Year September 2006 

Chancellor Commander Ira Schiowitz and Joe Tedeschi

L-R: Joe Tedeschi, Bob Gordon, Cathy Hochkeple, Steve Weinstein, George Frey, Tom Metzler (present and past Citizens of the Year)

Best Legs Contest July 2006 meeting

L-R: Marty Gold, Bob Yenk, Dave Englander, Jeff Zerowin, Abe Krulewitz (winner), Marvin Diner, Gordon Breslove

Dan feigan humanitarian scholarship 2006

Ann Feigan, Marvin Diner, Rachel Setless

Fair Lawn Street Fair/Membership Drive June 2006


Cystic Fibrosis Center Presentation June 2006


Public Speaking Contest  April 2006

Chairman Alan Ploshnick (center) with winners

Awards Dinner January 2006

Bike-a-thon/walk-a-thon September 2005


Annual Labor Day Picnic 2005


Annual Circus


Oakland Care Center


Club Fun 2004


Life and 25-year Members 2005


Officers with a prospective member


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